People these days are suffering from many kinds of deadly diseases. The most common amongst them being cancer. This deadly disease has taken a toll on the lives of millions of people in this short span of time. There are many types of cancers that are prevalent in the present world. These cancers are able to affect health both physically and mentally. These cancers like head and neck cancer no doubt can be treated, however, the treatment is able to have a large number of side effects on the other parts of the body by the vice of which the quality of the life gets destroyed to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, one needs to take care that the patients should rely on both the chemotherapies and radiation therapies for protecting the person. However, an important addition to these processes can be the use of induction chemotherapy. This therapy is able to treat the people in the maximum possible extent and it also does not allow to affect the quality of life overall. Therefore, one needs to take care of this and ensure that this treatment is vailed by all.

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