In newborns receiving parenteral feeding, iatrogenic manganese (Mn) neurotoxicity is a safety issue (PN). Previous research suggests that Mn contamination of PN components is an unexpected source of Mn delivery. This work used inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to analyze Mn concentrations in newborn PN solutions to evaluate the relative contribution of unsourced Mn to total Mn exposure in neonatal PN. Test solutions made with a standard fixed dosage neonatal multiple trace element product were compared to test solutions made with individual trace element components that did not include Mn. 

The Mn content in the standard solutions was 56.63 g/L on average (SD), compared to 6.04 g/L in the test solutions that did not have Mn added. According to the findings of this investigation, newborn PN includes large amounts of Mn that were not purposefully introduced during the PN manufacturing process. More research is needed to determine individual component sources of accidental Mn as well as the viability of Mn omission methods.