The main objective of this study was to understand the rate of unplanned PICU Readmission that takes place in middle-income countries so as to determine all the risk factors that it can have on mortality. The whole study and research was done in PICU Johar, Malaysia. The patients were divided into two categories which was based on the period of their discharge from their initial PICU hospitalization. Patients who were in ‘ early’ category were the ones who were readmitted within 48hrs of their initial discharge. And patients who were in ‘late’ category were the ones who were readmitted after 48hrs. This study included 2,834 patients among which 70  were ‘early’ and 113 late were readmissions. All the children who were above the age of 8 years were also a part of this research. The rate of early readmissions were 2.5 percent and approximately 95% CI, 1.9–3.0%. whereas, the rate of late Readmission was 3.9% which is approx 95% CI, 3.2–4.7%. Hence as a conclusion it was observed that pic Uri admission had no statistical association with mortality. And it was also observed that middle-income countries displayed the rate for PICU readmission similar to that of high-income countries.

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