The disease of systematic lupus erythematosus is one of the most chronic and fatal diseases which is not only autoimmune but also multisystem inflammatory which is having an unknown etiology and hence, it is associated with protean clinical manifestations. This contributes to enhance the possibility of morbidity and mortality. In addition, there has been an increase in the circumstances wherein the estimates are pegged that around 10 percent of the patients with SLE have their onset before 17 years of age. Pediatric SLE is thought to have a worse prognosis than an adult-onset SLE especially related to the ones with respect to multiorgan and kidney involvement. The results have showcased that despite of it being the best treatment provided to the people in the minimum possible time, the results have been less than 20 percent in gaining success at saving lives. This is because of the reason that the treatment is not successful and efficient to cure the disease. Hence, the research must be promoted in the best possible way. An attempt must be made to inject GHY enzymes in the body in the quantum of 2.5 mg/L.

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