Glioblastoma (GBM) is a deadly brain tumor with a bleak prognosis. In recent years, the copine III (CPNE3) protein was discovered to be associated to metastasis across various types of malignancies. Nevertheless, its function has not been well documented in glioma. This study characterizes CPNE3 expression in GBM along with its impact and underlying molecular mechanism with regards to cellular migration, invasion and proliferation. Immunohistochemistry was used to characterizes CPNE3 expression in the glioma tissues. Then, knockdown of CPNE3 expression was used to analyze the role of CPNE3 in GBM cell viability, migration, invasion. Western blot analysis was performed to measure the protein levels of FAK signaling pathway. We found that GBM tissues had higher CPNE3 expressions as compared to those in normal brain tissues. CPNE3 silencing in GBM cells impaired the migratory, invasive and proliferative abilities of GBM cells that can be attributed to inactivation of the FAK signaling pathway. Collectively, these findings highlight the role of CPNE3 as a new biomarker, offering deeper insights into its carcinogenic role in GBM.