Shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy are viewed as first line treatment alternatives for patients with urolithiasis. Notwithstanding, these mediations have huge variety in paces of without stone achievement, methodology related intricacies and need for reoperation. We analyzed patient inclinations in treatment choice for urolithiasis and factors related with decision of treatment. Patients with a background marked by urolithiasis were self-controlled or sent a survey with a clinical situation of a stone in the ureter and result insights got from a Cochrane Review for ureteroscopy and stun wave lithotripsy looking at sans stone achievement rates, entanglement rates, need for ureteral stent arrangement and need for extra medical procedure. Subjects were approached to pick ureteroscopy or stun wave lithotripsy and to show the relative significance that every one of the 4 result boundaries had on their treatment choice. 

An aggregate of 163 patients returned total overviews and a greater part favored ureteroscopy to stun wave lithotripsy (63% versus 37%, p=0.001) for the clinical situation introduced. For factors affecting system inclination achievement was demonstrated as critical.

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