This study thoroughly explains that Despite the fact that ureteroureterostomy (UU) is a set up technique for the treatment of duplex peculiarities, there might be a hesitance to apply this way to deal with patients with helpless upper shaft work or potentially checked levels of ureteral widening.

An institutional audit board (IRB)- endorsed review examination of all patients going through UU among 2006 and present was performed. All patients went through a finish to-side anastomosis with a twofold J stent left in the lower shaft ureter. Laparoscopic fixes were done ‘high’ and open fixes were done ‘low’. In the event that the upper shaft ureter remained enormously expanded after crosscut, the ureter was mostly shut to decrease the length of the anastomosis. Information gathered included socioeconomics, determination, careful mediations, imaging studies and results.

A sum of 41 patients (43 renal units) were distinguished. Six patients had no quantifiable capacity and ten had < 15%. No persistent created lower post hydronephrosis in the subsequent period. There were two difficulties: one patient was found to have a post-employable ureterovesical intersection (UVJ) injury and the second had an anastomotic injury.

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