This study focuses on the Result of urethral preparation and headway (Koff methodology) in hypospadias with a distal division of the corpus spongiosum and re-try cases with distal urethral disappointment. From January 1999 to November 2012, 158 youngsters with a distal hypospadias (115 essential cases and 43 re-try cases) went through careful fix utilizing the Koff procedure with a middle age at a medical procedure of 21 months (range, 12–217 months). Mean follow-up was 19 months (middle, 14 months). Ventral bend (>10°), which is considered as a potential long haul iatrogenic intricacy of the Koff system, was not found in patients with completely developed penis besides in one re-try patient who had, reflectively, a lacking sign for this sort of fix. Of 158 patients, 33 arrived at the period of pubescence (>14 years old) with a mean development of 34 months, just one gave a huge ventral ebb and flow.

Urethral assembly and progression is a sensible option for foremost hypospadias and distal fistula fix in chosen cases. It enjoys two significant benefits contrasted with different strategies: it dodges any urethroplasty with non-urethral tissue and disposes of dysplastic tissues situated past the division of the corpus spongiosum, which may not develop at a similar speed as the remainder of the penis. Critical iatrogenic shape in completely developed penis isn’t upheld by this arrangement.

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