The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of various people across the world. The United States of America has witnessed the biggest pandemic yet. There has been a great loss of lives therein. Various classes of the professionals have been affected, with the worst being the physicians who are immigrants. These immigrants are held on H-1B visas which ensures them a temporary employment. The alternative to H-1B visa is J-1 exchange visa. The holder of this visa is allowed to stay in the United States of America only for a duration of two years. However, if they undertake the compulsory resource work, then the next step is to get a green card. There are many doctors who are staying in the United States of America on a temporary basis. It is also suggested that these people should be provided with the visas in the earliest possible time and in an easy manner as well. However, what needs to be taken into accord is the fact that many people are struggling in the country with a temporary card and hence, they should be given a permanent green card which ensures them the permanent resident therein. There are many different countries which have approved EB-2 visas for the Indian doctors in order to give them the green card. Therefore, these physicians play an important role in ensuring that the number of green card holders are increased. This will increase the number of doctors. Therefore, healthcare would be enabled to reach the underserved areas as well.