The researchers compiled a report to offer one point source for the estimates of the US prevalence and osteoarthritis affected individuals along with giant cell arteritis polymyalgia rheumatic, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia including neck and back pain symptoms. The published analyses from national surveys were reviewed by the National Arthritis Data Workgroup. The estimates were derived from published studies including defined or smaller populations because data based on national population samples were unavailable for rheumatic conditions. The best available estimates bearing prevalence were applied for specific conditions in accordance with 2005 Census Bureau population estimates to find the number of people affected with the condition. 

It was estimated that over 27 million US adults suffered from clinical osteoarthritis as compared to the 1995 estimate of 21 million. In addition, polymyalgia rheumatic patients accounted for 711, 000 while 228,000 suffered from giant cell arteritis. On the other hand, 3.0 million people were reported to have gout in the past year and 59 million suffered from low back pain in the last 3 months. The number of people who experienced neck pain in the past 3 months was 30.1 million. 

On a whole, the study offered the best available prevalence for specific rheumatic conditions in the US.

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