Improving human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination coverage in the United States will necessitate more effective vaccine recommendations from healthcare practitioners. The study conducted a systematic evaluation of research on dental practitioner communication regarding HPV vaccination in order to support quality improvement initiatives. The findings of the primarily descriptive studies revealed that, while there were some gaps in knowledge about HPV-related outcomes and their impact on the male population, most providers understand HPV as a sexually transmitted infection and are aware that an HPV vaccine is available, but many are not discussing the HPV-OPC link or recommending vaccination. If providers were uncomfortable discussing sex, regarded parents as reluctant, or thought patients were low risk, they were less likely to offer HPV vaccine. Studies found conflicting findings regarding providers’ perceptions of their involvement in increased HPV vaccination and HPV-OPC education, but they did show support for the role of professional groups in raising awareness.

Interventions are required to assist dental professionals in understanding their role in providing appropriate recommendations within the complicated communication context surrounding HPV vaccination and HPV-OPC education.