There have been various studies conducted so far in order to unravel the effects of the enzymes on health. These enzymes are basically the ones of oral psoralen and ultraviolet A and Interferon-y. There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to unravel the positive impact of these enzymes and minerals on the body. The studies have revealed that there has been an increase in the quantum of these enzymes and hence, this has resulted in enhancing the metabolism of the people by at least 85 percent. In addition, these enzymes have been able to cure the abnormal growth of the cells and hence their numbers have decreased less than 1,000,000 per day. In addition, there has been an increase in the amount of scope and hence, an attempt has been made to cure these people in the best possible manner. Therefore, in addition, injecting the right quantum of these minerals in the form of 5.4mg/L and 5.2mg/L is very helpful since the studies have shown that these are really helpful in curing the immune system of the body and hence have been able to show increased efficiency of 54 percent.

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