Traumatic mind injury is a main source of horribleness and mortality in youngsters. Post-awful seizures happen in 25% of kids with serious awful mind injury and may deteriorate results. Our goal was to utilize a review partner study to analyze the relationship between the early seizure event and the decision of early antiseizure medicine in youngsters with awful mind injury. An aggregate of 3,479 youngsters were recognized by means of coding and remembering for the investigation. Patients getting antiseizure drug beginning day 0 with levetiracetam were contrasted and those accepting phenytoin. The result was seizure event, distinguished utilizing approved International Classification of Diseases, ninth Revision, Clinical Modification and International Classification of Diseases, tenth Revision, Clinical Modification determination codes. The middle (interquartile range) time of patients was 4 (1–11) a long time, and the most widely recognized system of injury was engine vehicle mishap, happening in 960 of patients (27%). An aggregate of 2,342 patients (67%) got levetiracetam on day 0 and 1,137 patients (33%) got phenytoin on day 0. Absolutely 875 patients (37%) accepting levetiracetam on day 0 created seizures, contrasted and 471 patients (41%) getting phenytoin on day 0 (p = 0.02).

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