Soft tissue defects due to trauma with crush injuries and post-tumor excision are large in size. Free anterolateral flap provides a stable and durable coverage of soft tissue defects and leads to good functional outcomes.
Between January 2017 and January 2019, eight males and six female patients with soft tissue defects were operated upon using a free anterolateral thigh flaps. The defects in ten patients were due to post-tumor extirpation and in four patients due to wound breakdown following post-tumor extirpation.
The average flap dimension was 14 cm × 12 cm. The mean follow-up was 11 months (4-28 months). All the flaps survived well except in one patient who with an upper limb defect, had flap necrosis owing to which patient needed to undergo abdominal flap coverage. Two patients with sarcoma developed local recurrence and had to undergo above‑knee amputation.
The method of reconstruction depends on the size of defect and area to be covered and need of post-surgery mobilization and need for radiotherapy. The free anterolateral thigh flap has varied uses in orthopedics with very good extent of coverage and provides very potent coverage of neurovascular structures, bones, tendons, and implants.

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