There has been observed a gap between the research findings of the children with learning disabilities suggestions and the practices that are done by the educational practitioners to support such a population.

Special educators are encouraged to implement EBPs with fidelity to maximize student achievement. Two national organizations identified DTT as an EBP for students with ASD. The main objective of this study was to determine the effects of didactic training alone, and the effects of adding coaching in a mixed-reality environment, on special educators’ implementation fidelity with DTT in their classrooms teaching students with ASD.

5 special educators who had previous DTT training but were not implementing the EBP with fidelity in their classrooms participated. The results obtained on this investigation suggested that the didactic training alone was not sufficient to bring special educators to the fidelity of implementation with DTT, but after an hour-long session in TLE TeachLivE™, participants were able to implement DTT with fidelity in their own classrooms. Special educators maintained their fidelity of implementation up to 8 weeks after the conclusion of the intervention.