Researchers conducted this study to determine whether uterine balloon therapy (UBT) for menorrhagia can be performed safely in the community setting, obviating the need for hospital admission or general anesthesia.

The study design was prospective case studies of 20 women undergoing Thermachoice endometrial ablation for menorrhagia.

The study setting was  Glasgow Centre for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust, Glasgow, UK.

Participants were twenty women with menorrhagia unresponsive to medical therapy.

Primary outcome measures Pain levels experienced by women during the procedure, measured by visual analog scores and analgesic requirements postoperatively.

Pain scores were in the range 0.1-6.6 for outpatient hysteroscopy, compared to 0.1-9.8 for uterine balloon therapy. No procedure was abandoned due to pain.

The study concluded that UBT performed under local anesthetic is tolerated well by patients. It is an effective treatment for menorrhagia, safe and comfortable to serve in the community setting. Further researchers are required for a better understanding of effective treatment for menorrhagia. Factors affecting the treatment for menorrhagia must also be kept under consideration so that patients can get effective treatment.