To describe the construction of a new handmade devise to treat postpartum hemorrhage, using basic and cheap medical tools.
This study presents a series of 10 cases of postpartum hemorrhage treated by uterine tamponade with the Alves Handmade Intrauterine Balloon.
The balloon was inserted after vaginal delivery in seven patients and after completed cesarean section in three patients. The main cause of uterine bleeding was atony. Other causes included placenta accreta in one case, coagulopathy in one case and two tamponade performed due to vaginal trauma. The success rate in hemorrhagic control was 90%. One patient developed puerperal endometritis and another one, surgical wound infection, without other major complications.
The Alves Handmade Intrauterine Balloon is a new device apparently efficient for intrauterine tamponade and may integrate the set of techniques that promote the uterus preservation in the treatment of different causes of postpartum hemorrhage. Its components make this device more resistant to system obstruction and increase the chances of success. Furthermore, it is a cheap handmade device able to be manufacture in a few minutes. Further studies should be developed to evaluate its real efficacy.

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