A measure for healthy lifestyle behaviours of older adults would enable the development of effective and target-based health promotion strategies.
This study aimed to test the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of Geriatric Health Promotion scale among older people in Turkey.
This was a methodological study that was conducted between June and August 2018.
A total of 321 volunteer older individuals, who were admitted to local health centres, participated in this study. A questionnaire, including sociodemographic data form, and the Geriatric Health Promotion scale were used to collect data. Content and construct validity was established using validity analyses.
The reliability of the scale was confirmed by its internal consistency (α = .82) and test-retest reliability (0.86). Exploratory factor analysis for the six-factor construct explained 64.7% of the total variance. Factor loads of each item ranged from 0.44 and 0.91. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the theoretical constructs had a perfect fit with data obtained. These data establish that the Turkish version of the Geriatric Health Promotion scale was valid and reliable.
The Turkish version of the Geriatric Health Promotion scale is a reliable and valid instrument that can be used in the evaluation of health-promoting behaviours among older individuals.

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