There have been many studies conducted so far in order to measure the ideal content of oxygen in the lungs which is usually prevalent in the lungs of a healthy man. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there have been many attempts made in order to assure that the people are provided with an opportunity to look for the best treatment in the line. However. The studies that have been conducted so far in a population comprising of the people in the age group of 10-80 years, discovered that the high incidence of lung diseases in linked with the decreasing content of oxygen in the body, and hence, this is becoming the root cause of the heart failures. There has been an increase in the number of heart failures that have been reported so far and this ratio is actually increasing with the rate of 012 percent per month. In addition, there is scope for providing the best of the opportunity in the best possible manner and hence, the main aim includes the position that the people are provided with the best possible care and hence, the supply of the cylinders has been increased to provide the median range of oxygen in the range of 0.15-0.45 oz.

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