The El Khomri report, submitted in October 2019, states in its findings “unattractive elderly professions that need to be upgraded”. The objective of this study was to determine in the Geriatric Department of the University hospital of Nancy (CHRU de Nancy) the vision that non medical professionals had at the attractiveness and the representation of their profession.
survey by questionnaires of 163 nurses and other professional caregivers working in the Geriatric Department of the University Hospital of Nancy (227 geriatric beds).
according this survey, the physical workload, the more rewarding image of other hospital departments and low level of knowledge of the geriatric/gerontological profession, are the main causes of the lack of enthusiasm for working in geriatrics. Team turnover is higher among caregivers who have not chosen geriatrics. Professionals, however, highlight the importance of the relational factor with patients, the richness of teamwork, the sharing of values and the sense of usefulness that counterbalance the heaviness of the work.
highlighting the opinion of geriatric professionals, could have an important impact to increase the attractiveness of geriatrics.