The aim of this study is to see how Bladder outflow obstruction  (BOO) medical procedure is among the most usually performed urologic strategies. Postoperative evaluation comprises actual estimation of uroflowmetry and post-void remaining volume, however wellbeing frameworks worldwide have encountered pressures popular, prompting investigation of more noteworthy productivity in getting sorted out facility conventions. Global Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) poll estimation has been recognized as a device to anticipate change in postoperative administration. Our foundation set up a medical caretaker drove follow-up virtual facility (VC) for patients going through BOO a medical procedure dependent on IPSS estimation. We present the clinical and monetary results of this new assistance.

Patients with a fruitful postoperative preliminary without catheter were reached by phone by means of VC and released by a Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist (UCNS) if IPSS was <8. Information were investigated for IPSS, plan of ensuing facility visits, and numbers released. Essential result was the extent of patients released after VC discussion. The initial 50 patients to be beneficiaries of the new VC were incorporated. The middle IPSS and personal satisfaction score were 13 (interquartile range [IQR] 5) and 3 (IQR 1), individually. Phone follow-up for BOO a medical procedure dependent on IPSS is clinically protected and practical, giving more noteworthy proficiency to facility conventions.

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