Avermectins are broad-spectrum antiparasitic drugs in veterinary and human medication. The current study aimed to examine the toxic effects of ivermectin (IVM) and doramectin (DRM), with or without co-treatment of vitamin E (Vit.E) and selenium (Se) on apoptosis, oxidative stress and male fertility in Wistar rats. Twenty five adult male animals were divided into five groups; G1; was control (CTL) received saline, G2; IVM (0.2 mg/kg b.w), G3; IVM plus Vit.E/Se (80/1.6 mg/kg b.w, respectively), G4; DRM (0.2 mg/kg b.w), and G5; DRM plus Vit.E/Se. Both IVM and DRM were given by subcutaneous (s.c) injections while Vit.E/Se was orally given. All treatments were administered once weekly for four consecutive weeks. By 24 h after the last treatment, the animals were sacrificed. Blood and tissue samples were collected for hematology, serobiochemistry, histopathology, and molecular assays for hepatic/ renal toxicities, oxidative stress, cell viability and fertility parameters. Apoptosis of the hepatic cells obtained from the treated rats was assayed by detection of annexin-V using the flow cytometric assay (FCA). The proliferating cellular nuclear antigen (PCNA) and DNA fragmentation in the treated rats’ testicular tissues were also assayed. Moreover, the direct effects of IVM or DRM with or without concomitant administration of Vit.E/Se on testicular cells isolated from adult rat were also performed in vitro. Apoptosis of those cultured testicular cells in response to the different treatments was assayed by detection of the inhibition-concentration fifty (IC) using the SRB method, and evaluating the viable versus apoptotic cells microscopically after staining with acridine orange-ethidium bromide (AO/EB). In conclusion, both avermectins induced apoptosis in the living and cultured cells, while those antioxidants; Vit.E and Se, reduced the oxidative stress and cytotoxicity both in vivo and in vitro, either. Furthermore, the reprotoxicity and reduced male fertility were seriously evoked by IVM, but not DRM with dramatic ameliorative effect of Vit.E/Se if concomitantly administered. Avermectins, especially ivermectin, should be given according to the dose recommended by the manufacturer company and repeated dosages should be given with Vit.E/Se.
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