The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been able to make progress and hence, has come into the position of causing the maximum amount of hurt to the people. This is because of the reason that the virus is so contagious that the people in order to unite against and put up a tough front against the virus, have to distance themselves socially to the maximum possible extent. The progression of COVID-19 has put up tough challenges against the existing health care and the people in order to safeguard themselves against this deadly infection are trying to use various kinds of safety equipment. This equipment usually includes features like masks and sanitizers. Therefore, what matters the most in such a situation is to analyze the entire situation as under wherein the person can realize the challenges being faced by all the persons who have been undergoing themselves under the lid of masks. This has created a sense of altruism and solidarity among the people who are wearing masks and hence, at the same time are trying to support the people in the best possible way. Various studies in this regard are being conducted by the research organizations like WHO and PHE to put up a tough front against social stigmas.

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