A Web-based questionnaire is valid for diagnosing migraine, probable migraine (PM), and tension-type headache (TTH), according to a study published in Scientific Reports. Min Kyung Chu, MD, PhD, and colleagues constructed a seven-item questionnaire for diagnosing migraine, PM, and TTH. The survey was conducted among adults aged 20-59, with migraine, PM, and TTH diagnosed based on responses. Within 1 month of the Web-based interview, a validation interview was performed via telephone by a neurologist. Both interviews were completed by 256 participants. In the Web-based survey, 47.3%, 25.4%, 23.8%, and 3.5% were diagnosed with migraine, PM, TTH, and unclassified headache, respectively. In the validation interviews, 46.5%, 23.4%, 28.9%, 0.8%, and 0.4% were diagnosed with migraine, PM, TTH, unclassified headache, and primary stabbing headache, respectively. Agreement was best for migraine (sensitivity, 92.6%; specificity, 94.8%). The least agreement was seen for PM (sensitivity, 85.0%; specificity, 92.9%).