People these days are suffering from a catena of diseases. Among these diseases, cancer has become the most important one which has been successful in claiming the lives of so many people. There are different types of cancers that are prevalent in society. One such type includes Oropharyngeal cancer. This type of cancer is related to the lungs basically. This is the type of cancer that is spreading at a massive speed in the world. This cancer is likely to infect the people further with yet another deadly virus which is HR-HPV. Therefore, sorting the patients is extremely important in this regard. If the data on these statistics are studied, it will become evident that both these diseases are extremely fatal and hence, are not at all curable using the ordinary treatment. In a recent study that was conducted using the data of 525 patients, it was observed that HPV DNA was nearly present in almost 50 percent of the cases who were already treated with this deadly kind of cancer. This duo is highly present in countries like Scotland. These diseases are likely to affect the immunity of the patients in the worst possible manner. Therefore, the research must be developed in this regard.

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