The people these days are grappling with a variety of diseases. Many of these diseases are non-communicable are responsible for causing the death of the maximum amount of people. The deadly disease is none other than cancer. This disease is non-communicable and hence is ever-increasing this world to such a great extent that nearly 80 percent of the patients die if they have been infected with this deadly disease. Different regions of East and West also show a difference in the status of this disease. The countries like North America are mostly affected by the types of viruses which include prostate cancer, whereas when it comes to countries like India and China, people have been dying because of the poverty-related cancers which include liver cancer or stomach cancer. This difference can be attributed to the different lifestyles which is prevalent in the different regions. In addition, the treatment available in the East is something is copied by the West as well on the sole ground that this treatment tries to reduce the side effects of the treatment if any.

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