Infective endocarditis (IE) remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with numerous pathogens as culprits. We present a case of IE that evolved to a septic embolic stroke caused by an extremely rare bacteria Trueperella (T.) pyogenes that primarily infects non-humans. In contrast to most cases occurring outside the United States (US), this is the second case of T. pyogenes-associated endocarditis and the first to present as a stroke in the US. T. pyogenes has undergone numerous taxonomic revisions over the years since first being reported and characterized as Bacillus pyogenes in the 1800s. T. pyogenes is a zoonotic infection, and despite advancements in chemotaxonomic detection methods, Trueperella is often misidentified and under-diagnosed. Although epidemiological data is scarce, T. pyogenes infections have the propensity to cause endocarditis, and we aim to summarize all isolated reports of T. pyogenes infections that have been reported in the literature thus far.
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