The United States of America has always been in controversies for its discriminating attitude towards the Black and the Brown people. Therefore, what matters the most, is that it is the era of heightening consciousness among the people with respect to their rights, theri respect and their dignity. Therefore, gone are the times wherein these people accepted their inferiority. In the present era, these people are very much aware of their rights, these persons are entitled to. Therefore, the recent unjustified killing of George Flyod, at the hands of the police brutally, has once again raised concerns about its inadequacy. The Blacks have come forward to demand justice, to demand their constitutional rights and their constitutional liberties. The best part of the protest which is being seen is that the whites are coming together in support of the Blacks. This is revolutionary in all respects in the best possible manner. Therefore, together these Whites and the Black are in the position to overcome every difficulty which the historic institutions pose to the integrity of the modern generation. This is revolutionary and hence, a positive step in ensuring that the best changes are provided in the market.