The novel coronavirus has made the people extremely conscious of their health. This level of enlightening has been heightened to the extent which was never seen before. Therefore, the people are very much particular about arranging for themselves personal protection equipment and N95 masks for ensuring their protection and putting up a tough front against the novel virus. These protective measures are approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. In accordance with their evidence, these equipment are able to filter at least 95 percent of the germs and bacteria which remain suspended in the air. These protective measures are a close fit and do not let any third agent enter within. These are skilled enough to ensure that the bacteria, influenza-like particles are aptly filtered.  Though, there is no reported evidence uptil now, if this mask and kit is equally effective in protecting the people from the coronavirus, however, there is usually an expectation that this virus can get filtered using these masks. Therefore, the patients and the healthy people must make it a habit to carry these equipments with them wherever they go.