The classical gymnastics has always given great importance to exercises of -rachis extension and abduction of the arms during deep inhalation to acquire a greater -thoracic capacity.
The aim of this study is to organize the concentration and the self-limited capacity of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) thanks to the physical and -respiratory exercise modalities of global postural reeducation.
A randomized controlled trial was conducted.
Nursing homes.
Patients with probable AD diagnosis.
The global postural reeducation method (GPR) was implemented for a total of 72 treatment sessionswith a frequency of 3 times a week, for 24 weeks consecutively.
The Neuropsychiatric Inventory, Mini Mental State Examination, Geriatric Depression Scale, Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease and Tinetti Scale and respiratory rate frequency (RSP/F) were applied.
Ninety elderly people participated in this study, precisely 50 women and 40 men aged 67-92 years (mean age = 81.17, SD = 5.24). The therapy had a significant effect on the difference between groups in all the outcomes (p < 0.05 in all cases) with a large effect size with exception of the RSP/F (p > 0.05).
This study demonstrated a very good tolerance rate on behalf of the significant results achieved.

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