This study was done to investigate the role of women’s age, serum AMH level, and semen parameters in predicting fecundability.

This was a prospective cohort study on couples attending for the preconception health checks. The occurrence of conception at 1 year after ceasing contraception and time to pregnancy was noted by telephone follow-up. Among those conceiving within 1 year, Spearman’s correlations between time to pregnancy and the clinical parameters were studied.

100 couples provided the data for the study which was analyzed, we found younger age of the women, higher serum AMH level, and higher TMNC in those that conceived within 1 year. Multivariate logistic regression found that women’s age and TMNC, but not serum AMH level, significantly predicted conception within 1 year. Among those that conceived within 1 year, none of the parameters analyzed were correlated with time to pregnancy within 1 year.

The study concluded that women’s age and TNMC are significant independent predictors of conception within 1 year. No parameter was shown to predict the time of pregnancy within 1 year. This finding can aid pre-conceptional counseling of couples who are planning for pregnancy.