There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to assure that child with autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring symptoms of psychopathology. The main objective behind the same to evaluate associations between this sub-group and biological sex and amygdala volume. Therefore, various results have been showcased wherein it was proved and held that a higher proportion of girls with ASD faced greater challenges with respect to psychopathology. Therefore, it requires any early interference in this filed and in this regard. Therefore, care must be taken of such children. This is because of the reason that amygdala enlargement might occur as a consequence of the process which is associated with this formula. Therefore, these studies have highlighted that the children with autism produce different effects. these effects differ from biological sex and the mindset of the children. Therefore, what matters the most in these situations is to observe that the people are provided with the best possible outcome and hence, girls being more vulnerable are given the adequate amount of treatment.

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