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For more than 25 years, Physician’s Weekly has provided medical news and information at the point-of-care in many of the United States’ top hospitals, oncology centers, and physician primary care group practices. Our website at www.physiciansweekly.com includes selected content from our print posters — such as physician viewpoints, medical news and information in specialties including coverage of Surgery, Emergency Departments, Oncology, Primary Care, Cardiology and Endocrinology — as well as original blog articles and multimedia content.

Through the oversized poster format and multiple editions, Physician’s Weekly posters reach more than 200,000 practicing clinicians. The PW website attracts more than 100,000 visitors per year and our e-newsletter is delivered to more than 7,000 subscribers each week.


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Physician’s Weekly, LLC, is a division of M|C Holding Corp.


Our Team


Denise Halverson

Denise Halverson

VP/Institutional Relations

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Phone: 515-955-7227, ext. 103

Derek Mirdala

Derek Mirdala


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Phone: 732.687.6665

Jon Nichol

Jon Nichol

Senior Director, Editorial Operations

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Phone: 215.313.5197

Keith D’Oria

Keith D’Oria

Editorial Director

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Phone: 856.437.6241

Nicole Composto

Nicole Composto

Production Coordinator

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Phone: 908-766-0402, ext. 25


Mark Elms

Mark Elms

VP, Sales & Business Development

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Phone: 919-410-2779

Andy Skean

Andy Skean

Director, Business Development Associate Editor

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Phone: 973-580-9337

Diana Justus

Diana Justus

Director of Program Management

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Phone: 908-766-0402, ext. 19

Monika Koss

Monika Koss

Marketing Manager

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Phone: 908-766-0402, ext. 10





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