You Don’t Need a Wizard


Filing a Claim | Feature

“Press 1 to file a new claim. Press 2 to check on a claim. Press 3 to re-file a claim. Press 4 to scream in frustration about

Dr. Strange | Feature


Leeches | Feature


Fish Oil | Feature


Shiny Rocks | Feature


Dog Pill | Feature

Restaurant Rash | Feature


Eyepatch | Feature

Fish Tank | Feature

Hip Problems | Feature

Deserted Island | Feature

Terrible Chest Pains | Feature

“I think, if you loosen your belt a little, you won’t be experiencing those terrible chest pains!”

The Placebo Effect | Feature

“He was unhappy to learn that I had prescribed a placebo, but when I told him it was an extra-strength placebo, he was pleased.”

Keep the Holiday Spirit in Your Heart | Feature

“Keep the Holiday Spirit in your heart all year long. It will leave less room for cholesterol!”    

Bad Cholesterol | Feature

“Your good cholesterol is fine, but your bad cholesterol is plotting to hack into your computer, empty your bank account, and steal your wife.”      

“Spare Tire” | Feature

“You need to diet. You’re getting love handles on your spare tire.”              

One Convenient Dose | Feature

Sea Salt | Feature

“Cut back on sea salt.”                

Pharmacist’s Reaction | Feature

“Don’t be alarmed by the pharmacist’s reaction when you show him this prescription.”                    

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