You Don’t Need a Wizard


Dr. Strange




Fish Oil


Shiny Rocks


Dog Pill

Restaurant Rash



Fish Tank

Hip Problems

Deserted Island

Terrible Chest Pains

“I think, if you loosen your belt a little, you won’t be experiencing those terrible chest pains!”

The Placebo Effect

“He was unhappy to learn that I had prescribed a placebo, but when I told him it was an extra-strength placebo, he was pleased.”

Keep the Holiday Spirit in Your Heart

“Keep the Holiday Spirit in your heart all year long. It will leave less room for cholesterol!”    

Bad Cholesterol

“Your good cholesterol is fine, but your bad cholesterol is plotting to hack into your computer, empty your bank account, and steal your wife.”      

“Spare Tire”

“You need to diet. You’re getting love handles on your spare tire.”              

One Convenient Dose

Sea Salt

“Cut back on sea salt.”                

Pharmacist’s Reaction

“Don’t be alarmed by the pharmacist’s reaction when you show him this prescription.”                    

Clean Hands: 12-Step Program

“I use so much alcohol-based hand sanitizer my hands had to join a 12-step program.”        

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