The 1-minute sit-to-stand test (1STST)—already used to evaluate functional status—appears to be a capable tool in detecting exercise-induced oxygen desaturation in COPD, according to a study published in Diagnostics. The study investigators suggest that the test be applied during outpatient clinic consultations regularly to evaluate exercise capacity and exertional desaturation in patients with COPD, as the test is less timeand resource-consuming than others commonly used for these purposes. The cross-sectional study included 30 patients with stable COPD who performed the 6-minute walking test (6MWT) and 1STST on the same day. A significant correlation was observed between 6-minute walking distance and number of 1STST repetitions. Minimum O2 saturation in both tests showed good agreement and strong correlation. Total agreement between the tests on O2 desaturation was 73.3%, with a fair Cohen’s kappa, and 93.33% of observations withing the limits of agreement for both in the Bland-Altman analysis.