Due to its reputed tolerability profile, all-mineral sunscreens are frequently suggested to people with sensitive skin. However, these items’ appearances could be more pleasing, especially when used on the face. A new, 100% mineral, broad spectrum liquid formulation with SPF 50 was created exclusively for use on the face to enhance the product experience (CLS). 

Despite the prevalence of advice from healthcare professionals, there was a dearth of comparable data. A paired preference, blinded, comparison research using a comparable SPF 50, broad spectrum face lotion formula (CFL) was done to examine how patients felt about the new product. Both products were used for 3 days each by men and women, ages 18 to 65, of diverse skin kinds and tones. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive one product first and the other second after the goods were blinded. A one-day washout period followed each product use. Monadic product attribute questions were posed to the participants following each usage period. 

When the individuals had finished using both items, they indicated which one they liked better. Participant preference for CLS versus CFL was more than 2:1. Every feature was evaluated, and subjects considerably preferred CLS to CFL. The statistics showed that consumers liked some products over others, which may encourage consumers to comply if doctors advise them to use such goods.

Reference: jaad.org/article/S0190-9622(22)01609-7/fulltext