Month: May 2011

CHD, Heart Transplantation, & Survival

Adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) appear to have high 30-day mortality rates after heart transplantation but also have better late survival after their transplant procedure. Researchers in the United States found that...

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Managing VCFs in Cancer Patients

An international randomized control trial has found that kyphoplasty appears to be an effective and safe treatment that rapidly reduces pain and improves function for patients with cancer who have painful vertebral compression...

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Collaboration Helps When Managing CKD

Most primary care physicians (PCPs) and nephrologists appear to favor utilizing collaborative care for patients with progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to a nationwide analysis. Most PCPs and nephrologists in...

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A Look at Online Health Users

Findings from the Bupa Health Pulse survey suggest that there are more ways to access health information on the internet than ever before, but few people check the source of this information. The report, available at...

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