New techniques and endovascular technologies will be in the spotlight during the 39th annual VEITHsymposium for Vascular & Endovascular Issues, Techniques and Horizons, scheduled for Nov. 14-18 at the Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas.

Eight physician presenters will discuss various pieces of the techniques/technologies question, led by William Wisselink, MD, chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery at VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), discussing “Use Of Microbubbles In The Treatment Of Acute Arterial Occlusions: How Do They Work And If They Have Clinical Value.”

Andrew Nicolaides, MD, consultant vascular surgeon at the Vascular Screening Diagnostic Center (Nicosia, Cyprus), will touch on treatment of ulcers caused by chronic limb ischemia in a talk on “How The Art-Assist Pneumatic Compression Device Can Heal Ulcers From CLI And Relieve Rest Pain Noninvasively.”

Pivotal trial results from the FAST-CAS trial will be presented by Christopher Kwolek, MD, program director of vascular and endovascular surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) in a presentation titled US Experience With The Flow Altered Short Transcervicsl CAS (FAST-CAS) With Flow Reversal.”

Safety in renal artery stenting will be the focus of Kim Hodgson, MD, professor and chairman in the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Springfield, IL) in a discussion on “Use Of Pressure Wire And CO2 Angiography To Make Renal Artery Stenting Safer And Better.”

Predicting treatment results from fractional flow analysis will be addressed by Christopher Zarins, MD, professor of surgery emeritus at Stanford Hospital and Clinics (Palo Alto, CA), in a presentation titled “Predicting The Results Of Interventional Treatment Using Computational Analysis Of Blood Flow And Lesion Resistance From CT Data: Is FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) Applicable To Peripheral Arteries As Well As Coronaries?”

Hand ischemia will be the topic for Roberto Ferraresi, MD, director of the interventional cardiology unit at Instituto Clinico Citta Studi (Milan, Italy), as he discusses “”Progress In Techniques For Treating Below-Elbow Occlusions For Critical Hand Ischemia.”

Another segment of the techniques/technologies session will see Bauer Sumpio, MD, chief of vascular surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital, (New Haven, CT), review “Management Of Media Arcuate Ligament: A New Treatment Paradigm Including Laparoscopic Ligament Division.”

Source: VEITHsymposium.