The Particulars: Data are lacking on the safety and efficacy of using the AngioJet mechanical thrombectomy system (Bayer HealthCare) for treating occluded arteries and veins in hemodialysis patients.

Data Breakdown: For a prospective, multi-center registry study, researchers recorded patient history, adjunctive treatment, outcomes, and adverse events in hemodialysis patients with occluded arteries who were treated with the AngioJet catheter. Adjunctive therapies included lytic delivery by the AngioJet (13%), stenting (41%), and balloon angioplasty (88%). Full patency was achieved in 89% of cases and remained at 78% when measured at 91 days. Initial hospitalization adverse events were rare. The graft failure rate was 4%.

Take Home Pearl: Mechanical thrombectomy, when combined with adjunctive treatments, appears to be a safe and effective strategy for treatment hemodialysis access occlusions.