The Particulars: In hemodialysis patients, early cannulation has been shown to reduce the number of days for which central venous catheters are required, thereby potentially reducing mortality and morbidity. Research is lacking on whether the novel Gore Acuseal vascular graft (W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.) allows for early cannulation.

Data Breakdown: The cumulative patency of the Gore Acuseal vascular graft was studied in a prospective, non-randomized, multi-center trial. The graft had a 6-month patency of 84%, compared with a 75% patency rate that was seen in a historical control group. Within 28 days of graft implantation, about 76% of grafts were successfully cannulated three consecutive times, allowing for the central venous catheter to potentially be removed.

Take Home Pearl: The Gore Acuseal vascular graft appears to allow for early cannulation in hemodialysis patients without reducing graft patency.