In a recent technology survey of advanced practice providers, and practice administrators, 19% of respondents saw a drop in productivity due to EHR use; 46% said their practice was seeing fewer patients per day because of EHR usage.

Over 1,500 physicians, advanced practice providers, and practice administrators across the country for the 2016 Physicians Practice Technology Survey. The results revealed that while medical practices have widely adopted EHRs, they are still struggling to adapt that technology to practice work flows and maintain productivity.

Other highlights include:

♦  20% found optimization of the EHR was a problem

♦  59% has full implemented EHR

♦  10% has difficult meeting “Meaningful use” requirements

♦  41% don’t believe  EHR would improve patient care

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♦  58% do not plan to or are unsure if they will participated in Stage 3 of Meaningful Use

♦  63% conduced a HIPPA risk analysis

♦  72%of practices is part of a state-run or proprietary Health Information Exchange (HIE)

♦  62% have a patient portal

♦  71% practices use of telemedicine

Source: Physicians Practice