For children younger 6, dup­ilumab significantly improves signs and symptoms of a topic dermatitis (AD), according to a study published in The Lancet. Amy S. Paller, MD, and colleagues conducted a randomizes­ trial at 31 hospitals, clinics, and aca­ demic institutions involving patients aged 6 months to younger than 6 years with moderate­ to-severe AD (Investigator’s Global Assessment [IGA] score of 3-4) and an inadequate response to topical corticosteroids. Patients were randomly assigned to subcutaneous placebo or dupilumab every 4 weeks plus low-potency topical corticosteroids for 16 weeks. Significantly more patients in the dupilumab versus placebo group had an IGA score of 0-1 at week 16 (28910 v 4%). The overall prevalence of adverse events was similar (64% and 74% in the dupilumab and placebo groups, respectively). ‘The incidence of conjunctivitis was higher in the dupilumab versus placebo group (5% vs 09–0), bur no serious dupilumab­ related adverse events were reported.