There have been patients who are known for providing with complex congenital heart disease, such as those with tetralogy of Fallot. There have been efforts that have been registered so far in order to lead the RV hypertrophy. The main aim of this provision is to calculate the role of lipid peroxidation. It has been revealed that the mitochondrial function and the structure were assessed in the right ventricle. There have been studies that were conducted in the population of people who were already having the RV fractional area change in the range of 25.5 percent. In addition, an attempt has also been made to understand the negative consequences of the disease if any.  The RV failure are known for increasing the 4HNE adduction of metabolic and mitochondrial proteins which were present in the ratio of 15 out of 27 parameters. In addition, an attempt must be made as well to provide for the improved oxidation and then, it is ensured that the results are pegged around the median range of 45.85 million per gallons.  Strategies to decrease lipid peroxidation could improve mitochondrial energy generation and cardiomyocyte survival and improve RV failure in patients with congenital heart disease.

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