The side hustle—a means of making income outside of one’s main form of employment—has become nothing short of a modern day cultural and societal phenomenon. While some turn to side hustles purely for extra income, others take advantage of the opportunity to flex their creative and intellectual muscles outside of their day jobs. Despite popular perception, side hustles are not limited to delivery work, with physicians well-positioned to pursue some particularly compelling activities.

In a recent Finity Group article, several side hustles for doctors are described. We took a look at the ideas from the article and determined, in no particular order, our favorite five:

  1. Telemedicine – In a booming market, telemedicine, which uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to minimize patient surges on healthcare services, is a top choice for a physician side hustle. Whether done on your own with local patients during off hours or by contracting with a company to act as a liaison so you can more easily work with patients across state lines, the possibilities for extra income are impressive.
  2. Speaking Engagements – Many physicians are paid to speak at medical conferences, universities, or medical schools, particularly those with a deep expertise in a particular subject. If you don’t mind traveling and have knowledge you’d like to share, this can be a great opportunity.
  3. Peer Review – As a medical expert, you can evaluate the scientific, academic, or professional work of your peers. Top publications are always on the lookout for peer reviewers who can provide expert and thoughtful feedback on all kinds of materials.
  4. Medical Surveys – Research companies value physician expertise and pay commensurately for input on everything from very short queries to more extensive surveys, so this can be a great fit regardless of the time you might have available to participate.
  5. Insurance Claim Reviews – Insurance companies often need independent physicians to review claims, particularly for cases that require pre-authorization. There are even companies you can work with who contract physicians specifically for these case reviews. If you’re able to meet the sometimes-quick turnaround times required, this can be one of the best ways to both earn additional income and leverage your unique medical expertise.

These are just some of the side hustles that are particularly well-suited to a physician’s typical skillset. One of the best parts of pursuing a side hustle is that you’re not locked into doing it if you find it’s not a good fit. You can easily try out different side hustles until you find the one that’s exactly right for you.