As per the studies of pathophysiological processes, the number of cases with spinal cord ischemia, ionic dysregulation, free radical meditated free oxidation, and cellular excitotoxicity has increased a lot more than before. These medical terms have become so popular nowadays. Lots of people are suffering from these problems regarding acute spinal cord injury. For mild injuries, the issue can be resolved with proper medication. But when it becomes critical, there might be a chance that the doctors need to go through spine surgeries.

The research on the above-mentioned terms is still going on. The doctors and the researchers are looking for more stable and faster treatment processes so that the patients can easily get rid of the injury. All the mild injuries the early decomposition leads to improvements and faster neurological recovery. But for acute cases, surgeries can be the only option. More studies are waiting for those types of spinal cord injuries. Until now, Acute spinal cord injury has given the researchers scope for further studies. For research purposes, the thorough examination of the patients with such injuries and the outcome from the treatment will help them to decide the issue and its further treatment process.