In this study, an automatic method has been proposed to characterize the ciliary motility from cell cultures utilizing a motility index using a dense optical flow algorithm. This method allows us to determine the CBF and a ciliary motility index of the cultures’ cells. The object of this analysis is to distinguish between normal and infected cells in culture automatically.

The method was applied in 2 stages. Researchers concluded from the first stage that the CBF is not a good enough indicator to discriminate between the control and infected cultures. However, the ciliary motility index does succeed in differentiating between the control and infected cultures using the t-test with a value t = 6.46 and P < .001. In the second stage, it has been shown that the ciliary motility index did not differ significantly between patients, and the analysis of variance test gives α = 0.05, F = 1.61, P = .20.

The study results provided a ciliary motility index that can discriminate between control and infected cultures after the eighth postinfection day. After infection, there is a rapid cilia loss of the cells, and the measured CBF corresponds to the remaining non-infected cells.