Pain reduction at IUC would be likely to be beneficial to both women and clinicians. Researchers did this study to investigate the associated pain and the ease of use of two different stabilizing forceps at the time of IUC placement.

The present study was a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. Researchers recruited one hundred parous women who had undergone at least one vaginal delivery.

Women were randomized to stabilize the cervix at the time of IUC placement. The authors used a visual analog scale to measure pain levels were measured at different intervals like at forceps application, IUC insertion, and 5 and 10 minutes post-procedure.

Mean VAS scores were similar at forceps application, IUC fitting, and 5 minutes. Researchers observed a statistical difference in the degree of pain at 10 minutes in the tenaculum group. Physicians found both forceps easy to use, and there was no difference in bleeding.

The study concluded with results that can reassure women with vaginal delivery that IUC fitting is well tolerated. The type of forceps used to stabilize the cervix at IUC placement didn’t impact the pain scores. Both forceps investigated were easy to use.