There is little information available on the HPV vaccination status of Latino/Hispanic kids in the United States. In 2015, 54,973 college students in Los Angeles County were of Latino/Hispanic origin. Researchers investigated college students in Los Angeles County’s knowledge of HPV and HPV-related illness, as well as HPV vaccine recommendations and vaccination status. From January through April of this year, 212 Los Angeles college students were polled for this study. In a convenience sample research, a 31-question, IRB-approved survey was delivered face-to-face to college students 18 years and older at California State University locations in Los Angeles County. Almost two-thirds of male respondents and half of the female respondents were unaware that the HPV vaccine is advised until the age of 26, and 47.6 percent were unaware that the HPV vaccine is available at college student health centers or youth-friendly clinics. 

The highest degree of education in the household, ethnicity and family income all had a substantial influence on vaccination rates. HPV awareness levels, both self-reported and real, were shown to be strongly related to vaccination status. Educational methods emphasizing the practicalities of obtaining the HPV vaccination and eligibility for HPV vaccine catch-up for college students may be beneficial in reducing racial inequalities in vaccine reception.