It has been observed that Sleep aggravations are related to high danger of headache. Though the degree of shared fundamental science and the bearing of causal connections between these qualities is unclear. There were analyses performed with the use of genome‐wide association studies which is of nine sleep traits in the UK Biobank (n ≥ 237,627), and migraine from the International Headache Genetics Consortium (59,674 cases and 316,078 controls).

Which was then followed by potential effects between sleep traits and migraine using bidirectional, which was the two‐sample Mendelian randomization. As expected, Seven sleep traits demonstrated a genetic overlap with migraine, which was including insomnia symptoms in the range  (rg = 0.29, P < 10−31) and difficulty awakening at (rg = 0.11, P < 10−4). Mendelian randomization analyses has proven the evidence for potential causal effects of difficulty in awakening on risk of migraine (OR [95% CI] = 1.37 [1.12–1.68], P = 0.002), and also nominal evidence that indicates towards insomnia symptoms increased the risk of migraine(1.09 [1.02–1.16], P = 0.02). Therefore it states that these data support a genetic basis between several sleep traits and migraine, with respect to potential causal effects of difficulty in awakening to an individual and insomnia symptoms on migraine risk.

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