Researchers conducted this study to assess the prevalence of CPTP compared to most chronic testicular pain in a control population of non-vasectomized men.

A retrospective postal study of 198 men who had a vasectomy more than three years previously at the Palatine Centre to determine the incidence of CPTP, of whom 101 (51%) replied. 

Occasional non-troublesome discomfort was reported by 37/101 of the post-vasectomy men compared to 21/102 of the control group. Occasional pain, which was a nuisance, was felt by 10/101 in the post-vasectomy group compared with 3/102 in the control group, and 6/101 in the post-vasectomy group reported pain severe enough to seek medical advice compared to only 2/102 controls. None of the post-vasectomy men regretted having had the operation.

The study concluded that 6% of cases experienced pain severe enough to seek medical advice in the 3-4-year post-operative period. However, there was a significant difference in the prevalence of occasional testicular discomfort between post-vasectomy men and controls. Mostly these pains were not regarded as troublesome.